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The mission of the Society is to collect, preserve and share the history of Long Island with emphasis on Miller Place, Mount Sinai and the surrounding areas.

The Miller Place Historical Society was founded in 1974. In 1982 the name was changed to Miller Place-Mount Sinai Historical Society to reflect the close ties the two communities have shared since the 1600s. The Society oversees two properties with several buildings, The William Miller House & The Daniel Hawkins House.

The William Miller House was acquired by the Miller Place-Mount Sinai Historical Society in 1979 from the estate of Harry Millard, the last lineal descendant of William Miller. The house consists of three sections: the middle room–built in 1720 is the original section, the second house was attached to the west end of the house in In 1750 and a third house was brought to the site and added to the east end of the house in 1816. The house is a significant historical structure as very little of the interior has been changed in the almost 300 year existence. Listing on the National Register of Historic Places enabled the eventual preservation and restoration of the structure. The Miller Place-Mount Sinai Historical Society maintains the 1720 William Miller House as a museum and the center for its many historically educational activities.

The Daniel Hawkins House is located on North Country Road, just east of The William Miller House and was established in 1810. Daniel Hawkins came from Setauket, where his descendants owned the house until the 1930s when it was sold to the McCaddin family of Brooklyn. In 1998, Linda and Arthur Calace purchased the house and generously donated this historic gem to the Historical Society. The Society has undertaken a major fund drive to finance the restoration of this historically significant building. The Daniel Hawkins House will be used as an archival library and exhibition space, allowing the Society to use the William Miller house as a living museum.

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We proudly continue the work of our founding members: to promote and encourage historical research, to share this knowledge and gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the rich history of Miller Place and Mount Sinai. Through continued efforts of the Society, The Miller House, its outbuildings, and the Hawkins House will continue to invite visitors who want to know more about our local roots and past way of life. As members of the Society, we hold the keys to an integral part of the future–to ensure that these architectural and historic treasures remain cornerstones of the community.

Peter Mott

Antoinette Donato
Vice President

Gerard Mannarino

Edna Giffen
Recording Secretary

Janice Flynn
Corresponding Secretary

Edna Giffen
Record Keeper

Harry W. Randall
Barn Curator

Trustees (with year when service ends) – Matthew Burke (2019), Margaret Cibulka (2018), Sally Lou Ditewig (2018), Robert Fitton (2018), Carol Gumbrecht (2020), Mindy Kronenberg (2019), Mark Larson (2020), Francis Shanoff (2019), Katie Streitwieser (2019), Malissa Walsh (2019)

The historical society is a not-for-profit organization and we welcome any interest, great or small, in our society. Headquarters are located at 75 North Country Road in Miller Place, New York. Volunteers and supporters serve the local community by giving Tours and organizing fun events and fund-raisers throughout the year. See our events and news page for the latest information.

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